We are as passionate about providing your guests with the best quality footwear as we are about the construction of our benches.

We currently offer two styles of slippers: a low-cut Moccasin, which is best suited for our Asian style benches, and a high-cut Bootie, which lends itself to our early American benches. Standard stock of slippers per bench is twelve pairs--two small, four medium, four large, and two extra large. Most people will fall into the medium and large categories.

Additional slippers are available upon request. We keep several bolts of fabric on hand and try to match the fabric to the style and era of the bench.


12 pair included FREE with Tansu and Chinese benches

(2 small, 4 medium, 4 large, 2 x-large)

The heritage of the Far East is woven into the vary fabric of this unique footwear. A pleasing array of artful colors and flowery designs come together to create a timeless theme for these Asian inspired moccasins.The insides are fully lined with a quilted fabric that delivers softness without the bulk. The toe area is generously cut to allow each slipper to fit either right or left foot. A low riding collar contains a bungee type cord that secures the slippers on your feet for a comfortable fit. On the back of the collar is a color coded tag for easy recognition of size.

Beyond skin-deep, the real beauty of these slippers lies in functionality. The plush uppers team up with a high density cushion core that provides a stable platform. A quarter inch foam midsole cushions every step, while the outer sole is made of a tough, nonskid rubberized bottom for traction. Now you can entertain your guests out on the deck and patio without them having to change back into their shoes. All features on these slippers has been tested to ensure they’ll withstand the abuse dished out by your guests--and, all components are completely machine wash/tumble dry.


12 pair included FREE with Chinese and Arts and Crafts

(2 small, 4 medium, 4 large, 2 x-large)

This fashionable footwear will greet your quests with a welcoming feel that’s just right for a pleasurable visit. The uppers sport a quilted outer shell of deep earth-tones, plus greens and blues, stitched into a richly colored tapestry that celebrates the American tradition. The fit is roomy and comfortable, as each slipper is cut to fit either foot. A vintage style collar made of corduroy provides an ankle length turned-down cuff that seals out drafts. The collar contains an hidden elastic band for a contoured ankle fit that won’t sag. Then the collar material wraps down into the inside of the slipper to surround the foot in comfort. The back of the collar contains a color coded tag, which allows your quests to easily find their size and you to regroup them for their proper slots in the cabinet.

At the heart of these stylish slippers lies a padded foot bed that surrounds the foot in warmth. A quarter inch foam insole provides shock-absorbing cushioning, while a rubber non-skid, non-marking outsole promotes stable footing. With these slippers on their feet your quests can chill out, while they keep the chill off their feet--on the deck and patio as well as the house

Our slippers are made to exacting standards using premium components for long wearing durability. But what really sets them apart from an ordinary pair of slippers is that they are machine washable.