The FARMHOUSE Entryway Bench resembles an heirloom from great grandma’s house.

The paint is cracked, then rubbed back in the wear areas with synthetic dirt, giving it a naturally aged patina. A noble pineapple, the international symbol for Welcome, is prominently featured on the backrest. Chose from one of four available colors: Cream, Brown, Blue, and Green.

The Farmhouse features a cabinet with a single distressed door and wooden knob. Inside are slots for each of the four sizes of slippers with a hamper to store the slippers once soiled. The attached bench with backrest seats two comfortably. Our benches are crafted using the time-tested mortise and tenon construction, which projects a look that’s as elegant as it is old. Although appearing to be antique, they have modern hinges and drawer slides for ease of use.

Farmhouse Entryway Bench

The unmistakable look of the Farmhouse Entryway Bench can be seen in the twelve pair of patchwork slippers that are included with each bench. Unique tones of greens, blues and tans are woven into the uppers, while a padded foot bed and non-skid outer soles provide stability.

See our “Slipper” section for more information.

Farmhouse Bench Colors