Nearly two thirds of the worlds population
believe it is inappropriate for a person to
wear shoes in the house.

“Take Your Shoes Off” was created to help organize the transition from the outside to the inside. Located near a front door or mud room, the entering person can take a seat and remove his or her shoes, placing them on the shelf below. Open the cabinet and you will find four pairs of hand crafted slippers, with a size to fit most any foot.

Upon leaving the house, place the slippers in the hamper inside the cabinet and return to your shoes. When the slippers require a cleaning, machine wash and dry and return them to the cabinet for use again.


Take Your Shoes Off was born on a small island in Puget Sound, WA. Located between Seattle and Vancouver BC in a small archipelago of islands named the San Juan's. Orcas Island, known mostly for summer vacation, eagles, and orca whales, is our home.
Entryway benches have actually been around for some time. But a place to store the shoes once removed, other than in a pile at the door, is not so common. Several years ago we set out to bring some form of organization and grace to the home-owners entryway. People need a place to sit when removing their shoes and something more than socks to wear during their visit.
With these objectives in mind, we set out to design our own culturally inspired entryway benches with shoe and slipper storage. We wanted our slippers to be attractive, comfortable, yet practical and machine washable. Nothing on the market seemed to satisfy our requirements. So, we set out to design our own.
This is the story of our origins. To date four styles of benches have emerged: Farmhouse, Chinese, Tansu, and Arts and Crafts. All of our benches are solid wood construction, no particle board or melamine. Furniture grade plywood is used in the drawers and some of the panels for stability. Modern hinges and under the drawer slides are employed for ease of use. In short, our benches are quality throughout. Our entryway benches have be granted a US patent and our 100% made in America. (For more details, browse our home page for details on each bench).
Two slipper designs are currently being offered: A moccasin or low-cut slipper which goes well with our Asian benches, and a bootie or high-cut slipper for our American style benches. We are proud to say that many of our customers tell us our slippers are more comfortable than their personal slippers at home. We think you'll agree.(For more details, see our slipper section).
We would like to point out our commitment to Made in America. All of our benches are made and assembled here on Orcas Island. Even the lumber is harvested in North America--except mahogany, which is produced by timber farms in warmer latitudes. The slippers were originally made on Orcas but because of the volume we now use a sewing contractor in Seattle. Unfortunately the fabric is made overseas. Seems all of the textile mills have moved to China or Sir Lanka. When the day comes that mills return to American soil we will be utilizing their products. We purchase our fabric by the bolt, then all of the components are assembled here by American labor.
Currently, we're selling our benches in the Pacific Northwest. However, our website enables us to branch out and securely sell them through Pay-Pal nationally and internationally. We have designed our benches to be shipped in two containers. The cabinet is shipped as one unit, complete with slippers. The bench breaks down into a single, flat package. (Some minor assembly is required).

Please browse our website, then contact us for further information or questions.

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